2017 R&W Seminars

A Retirement Simulation Webinar – Oct 11th – 7pm

Washington Retirement Planning Specialists, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise, is presenting a “Financial Literacy Webinar” that is open to all NIH and other Federal employees at the mid, senior, executive and retiring levels. Participants should complete this webinar with a roadmap for their financial future.  RSVP to ybass@dcrps.com or call 240-720-0084.  Join the webinar at https://meetings.webex.com/collabs/#/meetings/detail?uuid=MCPSOI8BYFCP8QY0S9IWYGC486-C4BX&rnd=306002.73098.

Transitioning to Retirement – Oct. 19th – 12pm – 1pm – Bldg. 31, 6th Floor C-Wing, Rm. 8 

This seminar will look at: Market update & outlook; Accumulation to Growth With Income; What to do with your TSP; Federal Benefits; Conversions; CSRS/FERS; and What happens at 59 ½ and 70 ½.  RSVP to dcvoorhees23@gmail.com.

Seven Common Mistakes – Oct. 24th – 12pm – 1pm Bldg. 31, 6th Floor, C-Wing, Rm. 7

This seminar, presented by First Command Financial, focuses on the range of benefits offered to federal government employees, and the challenges that come with all those options, and discusses ways to avoid common mistakes when selecting a benefits package and making retirement plans. RSVP to RMDennis@firstcommand.com.

Tis the Season for Spending: How to Survive the Holdiays – Nov. 7th – 12pm – 1pm Bldg. 31, 6th Floor, C-Wing, Rm. 7

Brought to you by PNC Workplace Banking. Learn how to keep your budget in check while spreading holiday cheer. Please RSVP to William.Scarborough@pnc.com

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