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Warrior Challenge

Step It Up

New Year! New You! 2018 NIH R&W Fitness & Wellness Program Challenge

Kickstart your 2018 fitness and wellbeing journey with a NY! NY! 2018 challenge! and keep your heart healthy! Are you ready to be challenged? Join us for 6 weeks of various challenges and February 2018 “FREE Fitness for You” classes fit for YOU.

Click on the challenge below to register or for additional information.

Dates: Monday, February 5th – March 16th (6 weeks)

NY! NY 2018 Special – Join the R&W NIH Fitness Programs for $30 ($85 savings) for 6 weeks (Gold Membership)

Wednesday, March 7th (Training) Fitness Warrior Challenge with Robert – RKL I , Rm. 5070

Wednesday, March 14th (Challenge) Fitness Warrior Challenge with Robert – RKL I , Rm. 5070

This challenge will open your eyes to a new dimension of training; training for the Fitness Warrior! Various circuit stations for the Advanced Fitness Warrior!

Registration required – Robert at

Saturday, March 24 Bldg. 31 Fitness Warrior Challenge with Matt – Bldg. 31, Rm. B4-C18

Registration required – Matt at