34th NIH Institute Relay Results

The weather was not only amazing but so were the runners…all 525 of them!  This annual tradition brings out the inner competitor in all of us and tends to spark the creative nerve as well.  This year’s Top 10 fastest teams were:   Charm City NeuRUNS                    [...]

November 15th – R&W Holiday Bazaar

The R&W will be hosting a Holiday Bazaar on Wednesday, November 15th from 10am - 2pm in Bldg. 10 South Lobby. The bazaar will offer vendors crafts, jewelry, clothes, etc. This is a great opportunity to get some of your holiday shopping done.

2017 NIH Combined Federal Campaign

2017 Combined Federal Campaign Solicitation Period The spirit of public service and giving thrives at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It’s no surprise that NIH employees are among the most generous donors to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). For the past 12 years, NIH staff have pledged over $2 million per year to their [...]

Post Classified and Housing Ads to GovEmployee.com

The long awaited crisis is coming to an end. The NIH R&W again offers Classified Ads to the NIH community and beyond. For a nominal fee customers will again be able to list their homes, apartments or rooms to rent to employees at the NIH community as well as other goods and services. Whether you’re [...]

What’s Going on With the R&W Clubs….

For a full list of R&W Clubs visit http://govemployee.com/nih/rw-services-membership/clubs-organizations/.   NIH Kenjutsu Club For 20 years, the NIH Kenjutsu Club has offered training in classical Japanese weapons of staff (Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo) and sword (Yagyu Shinkage Ryu; Jiki Shinkage Ryu). Learn about the secrets of the Shogun’s Sneaky Sword Style. We are seeking new members [...]

2017 R&W Seminars

A Retirement Simulation Webinar – Oct 11th - 7pm Washington Retirement Planning Specialists, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise, is presenting a “Financial Literacy Webinar” that is open to all NIH and other Federal employees at the mid, senior, executive and retiring levels. Participants should complete this webinar with a roadmap for their financial future.  [...]

Special Savings on GEICO Auto Insurance

Hello Mate! At GEICO, we are proud to join with organizations that enrich the lives of their members. When NIH R&W agreed to work with us to offer you special savings on GEICO auto insurance, we couldn’t wait to pass the news on to you. To find out how much more you could be saving, [...]

Order NIH Business Cards Online

For decades the R&W has offered Business Cards, produced by AAA Color Card Company, through our stores and they have provided quality business cards for government and military employees since 1976.  To make the process easier and to reach more employees off campus that cannot come to our stores, we are beginning a new online [...]