The Adelphi Lab Center MWR Council provides morale, welfare and recreation events and activities to foster the well-being of employees. The Garrison Manager provides oversight to the Council which is comprised of members representing the organizations stationed at ALC, appointed by their director or commander and who perform their duties in an official additional-duty capacity.

The Council manages the cafeteria and vending machine contracts for the installation, plans and hosts special events including the annual Organization Day, Winter Holiday Gathering, and Vendor Sales; and sponsors other MWR-related events and activities hosted by other organizations at ALC including such programs as Bring your Child to Work, Special Observances,the annual Health Expo, professional development workshops, fitness activities, and more.

The Council is comprised of three committees: The Post Restaurant Committee (led by Danny Miles), the MWR Support Committee (led by Theresa Thomas), and the Special Events Committee (led by Justin Bonhomme).

The Council manages two non-appropriated funds - the Post Restaurant Fund and the Civilian Welfare Fund. Income to the Post Restaurant Fund comes from restaurant and vending sales - a percentage of each purchase at the cafeteria or any of the drink/snack machines is provided to the Post Restaurant Fund each month. While the Civilian Welfare Fund also receives a small amount of direct funds through user fees (for example, vendors pay for table space at Vendor Sales), the majority of its funding comes through dividends transferred from the Post Restaurant Fund. Currently 50% of income from the cafeteria and vending operations are transferred via dividend to the Civilian Welfare Fund.

Money is spent by the Council through budgetary, contracting and petty cash processes, following discussion and voting by Council members regarding the events and activities described above. The nature of this employee-provided funding which allows for MWR events and activities throughout each fiscal year is what coins the Council's motto "It All Comes Back to You."

Seeking MWR Council sponsorship of your event or activity? Use the below form to submit your request. Note that the Council considers sponsoring those events and activities that are open/of interest to the entire installation, not organization-specific events and activities. Please submit your form a minimum of six weeks in advance to give the Council time to discuss/vote on the request at their monthly meetings.

Use ICE to send feedback or suggestions to the MWR Council ----------- ICE is a link to this url  -*DoD&sc=15