The CFC, led by the Fogarty International Center (FIC)  officially, started September 1st and ends on January 15, 2022.  This year the CFC celebrates 60 years of giving with a new theme, “You Can Be the Face of Change.” You are invited to join the CFC by supporting your favorite cause.  Whether your cause is veterans, helping animals, empowering young students, promoting arts and culture or something else – the CFC gives you a chance to support the causes and organizations you care about. Make a monetary donation or pledge volunteer hours (at participating charities) and impact other’s lives. You can also donate via payroll deduction (federal employees only), one-time or recurring credit/debit or e-check donation. Please make your pledge by visiting the NIH CFC website and clicking the “DONATE” button before January 15th.

*Save the date for the 2021 NIH CFC Virtual Kickoff on September 23rd from 11am – 11:30am via NIH Videocast.

Thank you for being the face of change! For more info, contact the CFC team.