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Yoga Day

Join us all September long for a variety of Yoga Month related activities including NIH Yoga Day on Tuesday, September 18th on the South Lawn of Bldg. 10 (*Rain location – FAES Terrace) from 11am – 2pm.  Share, deepen, and celebrate the dimensions of yoga, culminating in a celebration of National Yoga Month. Join us for FREE Yoga classes of a variety of formats, visiting vendors including Yoga Works, Athleta Georgetown, TrueBody Bethesda, and more, the weekly community market, and food trucks.

NIH R&W Annual Yoga Day Class Schedule

11am – 11:25am Vinyasa with Shannon
Description: Flow practice, focused on syncing the body and the breath to build strength and stability

11:30am – 11:55am Yoga for Dancers with Charissa
Lengthen, strengthen and open the body through a Yoga practice inspired by ballet and jazz dance.

12pm – 12:25pm Yoga Foundations I with TrueBody
Develop a base of proper alignment by practicing our 12-fundamental yoga poses. Build strength and flexibility, improve bone density, and gain a sense of peace and calm. A perfect entry into yoga for the new student with the room kept at a comfortable temperature.

12:25pm – 1pm Yoga for Athletes I with TrueBody
Yoga for Athletes will improve flexibility, increase core strength and correct overuse imbalances from playing sports. Learn why professional athletes have been turning to yoga to prevent injuries and improve performance for years. This class is great for someone new to yoga who wants to find balance in their training. The room is kept a comfortable temperature.

1pm – 1:25pm Slow Flow Yoga with Lisa from Yoga Works
Stretch and breath with 40 minutes of Slow Flow poses. This mindful class will help you feel peaceful and at one with the universe.

1:25pm – 1:55pm Meditation and Savasana with Lisa of Yoga Works
Culminate your Yoga Day experience with a relaxing five-elements meditation and savasana.

TrueBody Bethesda

Yoga Works

Athleta Georgetown

Thrive Yoga