March Recipes

March is National Nutrition Month

Many of the recipes below will consist of the 11 Most Nutrient Dense Foods as well as some festive St. Patrick’s Day meals. Some of the ingredients can be purchased at the NIH Community Market on Tuesdays at Bldg. 10 South.

Ingredients for some of the recipes below can be purchased at the NIH Community Markets Tuesdays at Bldg. 10

Each month we will provide a new recipe for every meal of the day.  Click on the recipe to go the source of the recipe.


Cloud Egg

Irish Boxty Potatoes


Beef Potpies


Broc Cheddar Ranch Tots

DrinksMint Shakes


Parmesan Rice Pasta Pilaf

Mashed Potatoes Garlic

Irish Colcannon

DinnerBaked SalmonLentils Brown Rice Kale


 Chocolate CakeLime Poke Cake