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The Recreation & Welfare Association is a nationally awarded employee service and health promotion organization. The R&W serves as an employee-service organization that provides affordable, top-quality and well-directed services and programs that are diversified, beneficial, and focused on enhancing the health and well-being of the NIH staff, patients, their families, and the NIH and NOAA communities. Our fitness centers play a large role in assuring this happens.

Our fitness centers provides its members with the latest strength training and cardio equipment along with various group exercise classes such as zumba, yoga, functional fitness training, group cycling, and many more. Whether you prefer a workout for lunch or to end a day’s work with one, nearly all classes are offered in the early afternoon or early evening hours. We believe there is no wrong time for exercise.

Work for Health, Work for Wellness

Job Opportunities

A Message from the R&W Presidents

As always the organization cannot continue to expand without the support and involvement of the employees and Institutes within the NIH Community.   This is your organization and it will grow due to your dedicated commitment.

The R&W looks forward to continuing to provide our programs for the NIH community both now and the future.  The R&W staff and management look forward to continuing to bring the NIH community fun events, help you achieve your new fitness and wellness goals while providing new offerings, provide affordable NIH brand merchandise and information and special offers through it’s website.

Shop at the gift shop (Bldg. 31), take part in a convenient workout at our Fitness facilities (Bldg. 31, The Loft (T-39), Bldg. 53, Rockledge and Bayview), and get a haircut at the NIH Beauty and Barbershop.  The R&W also aids or organizes many events for the NIH, NOAA and Bethesda communities.  If you’ve attended the NIH Community Markets; the Premiere Night at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus; the Immunology Conference; the NOAA Fish Fry; the NIH Institute Relay; Safety, Health and Wellness Day; Bethesda Row Arts Festival; the Comcast Outdoor Film Festival; CFC events; and many others, all have been managed or had leadership provided by the R&W.

The R&W continues to provide convenient and quality services to the communities it serves.  The R&W offers quality dry cleaning services at the Bldg. 31 gift shop; discount tickets; discount memberships to wholesale stores and to the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center.

Our fitness professionals will bring the FUN to fitness and wellness on campus and various off campus sites including: “Fitness for You” classes, Lunch & Learns, Group Fitness Classes, Specialty Programs, Personal Training, Fitness Assessments, Fitness Challenges, Seated Massage, Weight Watchers at Work along with NIH-wide initiated wellness events.

The R&W also provides assistance to organizations like Bethesda Cares as well as three NIH charities: The Children’s Inn at NIH, Special Love-Camp Fantastic, and Friends of Patients at the NIH.  These charities serve patients and their families in their time of need.  The charities assist the families with their recreational and entertainment needs as well as providing comfort while they are undergoing treatment for their illnesses.

Find out the latest happening with R&W on our website, in our digital Newsletter (subscribe via Issuu) and join our ListServ at https:list.nih.gov/archives/r_w_assoc_list-l.html.

With over 30 years combined experience with R&W we will continue making this organization the best for the NIH community.

We value the feedback of our members and want to serve you and your needs to the best of our abilities.  If you have a suggestion for merchandise you’d like to see in our store, the NIH Community Markets, ticket options or discounts contact David Browne at browned2@mail.nih.gov.  If you have any suggestions relating to fitness classes or activities contact Sherrell Freeman at freemash@mail.nih.gov.  ~ David Browne and Sherrell Freeman

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