• ** If you would like to add a club or update any club information, please email David Browne at browned2@mail.nih.gov

Akido Club
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Meets Wednesdays from 7:00-8:25pm & Saturdays 10:30am-1:30pm in the Malone Center, BLDG. 31/C, B4, C18. Traditional Aikido techniques are taught combined with other defenses necessary to provide a balanced capacity in self defense.  Fridays from 6:30-8:30pm, the Akido Club has a joint session with the Taekwondo Club in Bldg. 31c, B4, C18.

Badminton Club
Meets (currently inactive)
Enjoy the game of Badminton and learn new techniques.

Bethesda Little Theatre
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Meets at a BLT member’s  home every month on the first Tuesday at 7 pm. Outlet for employees creativity and talents! One major production  every year ( 2hours)  with road show performances ( 1hour) at retirement facilities and nursing homes the rest of the year.  Proceeds benefit the Patient Emergency Fund and the NIH charities.
Membership Director, Elaine Hughes BethesdaLittleTheatre@gmail.com . Phone: 301-589-0720.

Bicycle Commuter Club
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The club exists to assist and encourage NIH employees in commuting by bicycle and to serve as a link with the NIH administration to ensure that there are adequate facilities for the bicycle commuter.

Blacks In Government (BIG) NIH Chapter 
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Meets Wednesdays from 12:00-1:30pm (View calendar for dates and location)
BIG mission is to enable all present and future Black employees in Local, State, and Federal governments to have the ability to maximize their career opportunities and provide a mechanism for inclusion, growth and advocacy.

Camera Club
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For over 50 years, the NIH Camera Club has been the place for people who are interested in photography.  Through speakers, fieldtrips and workshops, you can learn new techniques to improve your photography.   Through monthly photo competitions, you can receive expert feedback on your photographs from experienced professional photographers.  Through our award winning monthly newsletter, Cameraderie, you can find information on our club activities as well as other area events, classes and workshops where you can learn even more.  For more information and a calendar of events, please visit our website.

Chamber Singers
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Small acapella chorus, performs 2-3 times a year at NIH.  Please contact audition coordinator Jill Koshiol (KoshiolJ@mail.nih.gov) for more information.

Chinese Martial Arts Club/Tai Chi
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Kung Fu is perhaps the oldest of systematic martial arts. Originating from Shaolin Temple, its goal is to bring harmony to mind and body. The training includes physical fitness, internal and external exercises, empty hand and traditional weapon forms.

Conscious Dancer Club
Do you long to be peaceful, free and passionate? Since the beginning of time our ancestors danced together to celebrate life, strengthen community bonds, heal illnesses and co-create the future. Conscious Dance is a free style movement meditation that revives this tradition. On a journey of inner rhythms, expressive movements and spontaneity it reconnects you to the wisdom of your body and your innate state of joyous wellbeing.  No dance experience is necessary. You are a beautiful dancer!
Conscious Dancer Club alternates locations between Rockledge Fitness Center and Building 10. For updates subscribe to ConsciousDancer@list.nih.gov via https://list.nih.gov/.

Country Line Dancing Club.
Instruction & practice sessions in fun, popular line dances.

Golf Association
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Meets bi-monthly April to Sept. & monthly Oct. to March.
The league has stroke play and match play competition with prizes and trophies and sponsors a year end banquet.

9-Hole Golf League
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Meets Tuesdays at Needwood Golf Course and Thursdays at Falls Road Golf Course
Competitive (match Play) and non-competitive play after work. Fall Outing and Awards Banquet at end of season.

Health’s Angels Running Club
Currently inactive
The mission of the NIH Health’s Angels Running Club is to encourage, inform, support, and train the NIH community about running, jogging, and walking as a means to stay healthy and fit.

Hiking Club
Currently inactive. Looking for new leadership.
Meets monthly for hikes.
Hiking and backpacking in the Maryland/Pennsylvania/ Virginia/ West Virginia area.

Judo Club
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Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:30pm – 8pm & Saturday, 9am – 10:30am (advanced only)
Kodokan judo accommodates all levels of skill and emphasizes physical conditioning and mental discipline.

Kenjutsu Club

Kenjutsu Club
Meets Saturdays 8:00-10:00am and Sundays 8:00am-10:15am, BLDG. 35/Atrium
For 25 years, the NIH Kenjutsu Club has offered training in classical Japanese weapons of staff (Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo – Sunday) and sword (Yagyu Shinkage Ryu; Jiki Shinkage Ryu – Saturday). Learn about the secrets of the Shogun’s Sneaky Sword Style. We are seeking new members from beginners with no experience to individuals trained in other martial arts. Emphasis is on personal development and partner work (no free sparring). Practice equipment is either wood or bamboo.  For more information contact Connie Noguchi at connien@nih.gov, or David Hall (Author of Encyclopeida of Japanese Martial Arts; ISBN-13: 978-1568364100) at David.Hall@montgomerycollege.edu.

Madrigal Singers
Sing & perform Renaissance period music.

NIH Asian and Pacific Islander American Organization
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Asian and Pacific Islander American Organization, also known as Asian and Pacific Islander American Organization (APAO) is an independent organization sanctioned by the NIH Director’s office. It was formed in October 1996 to represent the Asian and Pacific Islander American (APA) employees of NIH.

NIH Co-Rec Softball League
Provides NIH Employees, contractors, family members, and friends with an opportunity to enjoy playing softball in a recreational atmosphere.  Openings next season for individual players or teams.  All skill levels are welcome.  League season extends from mid-April to early August and teams play once a week (Monday through Wednesday).  All games begin at 6:15 and are played at several fields in the Bethesda/Rockville area.  Contact Rob Willcoxon, robwillcoxon@me.com.

NIH Community Orchestra
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Since 1996, the all-volunteer NIH Community Orchestra has united the musical talent of NIH employees, retirees, and unaffiliated community members; for casual weekly rehearsals and three concerts per season. Under Music Director Philip Espe since 2022, NIHCO is increasingly performing — alongside well-known orchestral repertoire — music by under-represented and living composers; helping to enhance members’ and patrons’ appreciation for more inclusive “classical” music. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings in North Bethesda; free-admission concerts are performed in a large, acoustically-superior sanctuary near downtown Silver Spring, MD.

NIH Democracy II Toastmaster Club
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We meet at 6707 Democracy Blvd, Conference Room 849 (NIMHD conference room) Bethesda, MD  20817 on the first Tuesday of the month at 12 noon to 1 pm and on the third Tuesday of the month from 5:30-6:00pm. During the meetings, a series of prepared speeches are presented and evaluated, while impromptu speeches give everyone the opportunity to build their confidence. We strive to provide an encouraging, friendly and supportive environment in which members can comfortably and confidently attain their communication and leadership goals. Contact:Derrick Tabor at 301-594-8950 or email us at contact-1200808@toastmastersclubs.org.

NIH Evening Speakers
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The NIH Evening Speakers club, which is a Toastmasters club that meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, in Building 10 Room 3-1608, 19:30-21:00. During the meetings, a series of prepared speeches are presented and evaluated, while impromptu speeches give everyone the opportunity to build their confidence. We strive to provide an encouraging, friendly and supportive environment in which members can comfortably and confidently attain their communication and leadership goals. Contact: Vice President of Membership, vpm-3691@toastmastersclubs.org

The NIH Philharmonia Orchestra
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NIH Philharmonia is an all volunteer orchestra founded at the National Institutes of Health in January 2005 under the professional musical direction of Dr. Nancia D’Alimonte. The orchestra was established by a core group of NIH scientists and federal workers with the goal to play orchestral music from all genres in free concerts open to the public. Building community while inspiring and educating audiences has been at the heart of the NIH Philharmonia’s mission since its founding in 2005. The orchestra is always looking for players who are committed to sharing a passion for music with the community.  NIH Philharmonia performs a four-concert season from October to May, at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Rockville. 19th and 20th Century composers plus world premieres make up the repertoire for the season. Concerts are performed to capacity audiences—a testament to the success of the mission of this unique civic orchestra. Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings in Bethesda. For information on how to join, please email info@nihphil.org or go to the website:  www.nihphil.org

NIH Recreational Volleyball Club
This is an easy going and fun group of players of all ages and skills that holds outdoor games on the NIH campus on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays at 5:30 pm during the warm season. Join us to get in shape, delight in beautiful sunsets, and enjoy camaraderie! Subscribe to volleyball@list.nih.gov via https://list.nih.gov/.

NIH Sailing Association
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The NIH Sailing Association is a sailing club for NIH and NOAA employees. Our club has been in Montgomery County, Maryland since 1968 and owns five Flying Scot boats in Selby Bay (just south of Annapolis, Maryland) that members can charter. We also offer training, racing and social activities for our members. Come join the fun! Contact: Andrea Balbo, ajbalbo@gmail.com

NIH Soccer Club
Our mission is to bring together NIH employees who share an interest in playing soccer.  We have both weekend and week night teams in various leagues in DC, Silver Spring, and Germantown, and we sometimes practice in Rockville.  We also occasionally attend DC United games.  To get involved, please contact Vance Berger at vance917@gmail.com.

NIH Taekwondo Club
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The club is an independent school supported within NIH Recreation and Welfare (R&W). Our lineage comes from both Kukkiwon and Chung Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do. We are looking for adult and mature teenage members of all ranks, and abilities. No previous experience is necessary! A typical class may include cardiovascular warm up and stretching, basic techniques, kicking drills, forms (Taeguk and Palgwe), self defense, and sparring.  Please contact Glenn Daigon, gdaigon@hotmail.com, with any questions.  We are looking for qualified instructors (1st dan and higher) who
want to gain teaching experience!Schedule (in Building 31, level B4, the basement level, of the C-wing, in the Thomas E. Malone Judo and Taekwondo Fitness Center):
Monday – 6-8pm
Wednesday – 6-7pm
Friday: 6-8pm

NIH Weight Lifting Club
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The NIH Weight Lifting Club’s mission is to promote the sports of Olympic Weightlifting, Power-Lifting and strength training through the use of free-weight based training. We offer a supportive environment for novice and seasoned lifters to learn and share knowledge about the core lifts including, but not limited to, the Squat, Dead-lift, Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Press.

Qi-Gong Club
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Meets Wednesday 8-9pm in Malone Center, Bldg/ T-39/Cwing-B4 level
The NIH Qi-Gong Club has been providing classes at NIH since 1994. Classes are held on a continuing basis on Wednesday evenings from 8:00-9:00 pm in Building T-39. The initial class is free, and visitors are welcome to watch and/or participate. Classes are taught by Qi-Gong Master Shuren Ma, the chief instructor for Capital Qi-Gong. Mr. Ma has practiced Qi-Gong for over 40 years, and has been teaching in the United States since 1980. For additional information visit our Website at capitalqigong.com or call Mr. Ma at 202-409-8490 or Sandy Adler at 301-460-3040.

Salutaris: The NIH Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Two Spirit Staff Forum
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Salutaris is an organization of NIH staff committed to cultivating an atmosphere at the NIH that is open and inclusive of all employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We seek to provide a forum for sexual and gender minority (SGM) employees to meet, network, and discuss issues important to the NIH SGM community; to provide guidance and recommendations to the NIH on matters affecting the welfare of SGM employees; to assist NIH leadership in fostering a workplace environment that is accepting and supportive; to coordinate meetings, organize social activities, and sponsor educational programs open to all members of the NIH community; and to act as a resource on SGM issues to the NIH community at large. Please join us! Subscribe to Salutaris-L@list.nih.gov  via https://list.nih.gov/.

Young at Heart Tap Dancers
Adult volunteer tap dance performance group. We perform Broadway and rhythm tap dance shows  for senior facilities and other community venues. We rehearse two hours twice a week at Joy of  Motion Bethesda and Knock on Wood Takoma Park. Always looking for new members and venues  to perform for, so if interested in joining or booking please contact us.  Contact: Sara Robinson, sara.tapdancer@verizon.net, (301) 229-8776.