New NIH Fitness Challenge Begins May 1st

The NIH R&W Fitness and Wellness Program, in association with the NIH Division of Amenities and Transportation Services and Kaiser Permanente, will be hosting a new fitness challenge starting May 2nd. Registration will open on April 18th.

Are you as active as you would like to be?  Do you get the daily physical activity you know you need?  Would you like to achieve more and get greater results from a program designed to jumpstart your physical fitness?  Then look no further.  10K a Day is exactly what you’re looking for.  With the 10K a Day Challenge, you will:

  • Boost your step count by an average of 6,000 extra steps per day
  • Get credit for other fitness activities you build into your daily routine
  • Develop well-being habits which will last long after the challenge ends

The 10K a Day challenge provides you an opportunity to make positive changes that improve your overall wellbeing.  While walking is the main feature of the challenge, jogging, biking, swimming, team sports, yoga, and strength training are just some of the additional ways you can make healthy, lifechanging strides.  And best of all, activities like these count towards your daily step total.  The higher your step total, the further up the leaderboard you ascend.  Will you be at the top spot at the end the 6-week challenge?  You’ll get there one step at a time.

Watch the Participant video for a better understanding of how 10K a Day may just be the motivation you need.  Registration begins April 18th and you will accumulate steps from May 2nd thru June 12th.  Encourage your co-workers to form a team and compete both on an individual and team level.  Prizes will be awarded at the ‘finish line’ so don’t miss out!  Movement leads to improvement and 10K a Day is just the beginning.

Important Dates:

  • Click to register
  • Challenge officially begins…Monday, May 2nd
  • Registration ends…Friday, May 16th
  • Challenge ends…Sunday, June 12th

 *Feds Get Fit and the 10K a Day challenge is brought to you by Kaiser Permanente, NIH DATS and the NIH R&W.  You do not have to be a member of Kaiser Permanente or the R&W to participate.