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Regular Memberships

2018 Membership Pricing

Student, Post Bac, Post Doc Memberships

2018 Student Fitness Prices

2020 Membership

Complete the application and bring it to the fitness center. Please note:

  • All new memberships require a $40 Startup fee (includes R&W annual membership fee)
  • Automatic debit option available for Annual membership only- billed monthly to a personal checking or saving account for a minimum of 12 months. $40 cancellation fee required for cancellations prior to one year
  • All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable
  • Inquire about special rate available for Full time students, Post-bacs, Post-docs and Caregivers.

2020 Student, PostBac, PostDoc Rates*

*You must provide a letter of verification  or show your NIH Student ID and your school ID to receive this discount.
Full time students: Please inquire about scholarship rates

Membership Forms

2020 Membership Application– Fill out this form and bring it to the fitness center.
Membership Cancellation Form – This form must be filled out to cancel your membership. Please bring the filled out form to the fitness center.
Automatic Debit Form – Fill this form out to have the membership fees withdrawn in monthly payments from your personal bank account.