Virtual Classes

July 2022 Schedule

“Fitness for You” July 2022 Virtual Fitness Descriptions:
All levels are welcome!

Functional Fitness: Focus| Shoulder Stability with Shannon: Are you functionally fit? Using light to heavy weights, participants will move through exercises designed to increase shoulder stability, while integrating other movements that will aid in efficacy of daily activity. Shoulder stability is integral to functional and pain free movement of the arms.

Tabata Cardio with Ashley: Crank up stale cardio routines with Tabata Cardio! The high intensity of Tabata is designed to achieve maximum health benefits in a short amount of time! Tabata is an effective workout for the time-crunched, busy professional! In intervals of 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10-second recovery intervals, participants will execute various exercises that are sure to increase the heart rate! A mat will be utilized.

Core Craze with Charissa: Six-packs are made in the kitchen, but a strong core is created with core conditioning! In repetitions of 15 using bodyweight, participants will execute trunk strengthening exercises for 3 rounds. The core muscles are the muscles of the abdominals and back that attach to the spine or pelvis. The core is integral to mobility, stability, and posture. Get core strong! A mat is suggested.

Oblique Obliteration with Ashley: Using 1 medium to heavy weight and a mat, participants can expect to engage in 45-second intervals of hard work followed by 15-second recovery intervals. The obliques support the spine and help to prevent back pain as well as improve posture. Through repetition, commit to “oblit” the obliques to exhaustion!

Power Pilates with Charissa: Increase the intensity of Pilates with power and props! Using light weights and bodyweight, participants will engage in various Pilates exercises that strengthen the major and minor muscle groups for a total body workout! The flow and speed of the exercises coupled with weights will bring an element of power that is sure to initiate a sweat! Pilates is a discipline created by Joseph Pilates with key principles such as concentration, breath, control, centering, and precision. A mat is suggested.

HIIT & Roll with Shannon: Take on a combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Foam Roll! Light weights, a foam roll, and mat will be utilized for this 30-minute experience! HIIT is beneficial in decreasing body fat, heart rate and blood pressure while myofascial release increases relaxation, circulation, and range of motion. Go into the weekend feeling energized!

Chair Tabata with Ashley: Participants need a stationary chair and light weights to participate in this 30-minute specialized workout! Tabata using the chair introduces unique ways that even desk workers can engage in or utilize to stay fit! In intervals of 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10-second cycles of recovery, participants can expect to execute exercises designed to challenge the major and minor muscle groups. Tabata is the HIIT experience for optimal fitness! Don’t miss it!

Yoga Strong with Shannon: Shake up the stale Yoga practice with weights! Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body. During this half hour practice, various Yoga poses will be explored utilizing weights and a mat. No Yoga experience necessary.

Tabata Tone with Charissa: Say goodbye to stubborn fat! A consistent Tabata workout will transform bodies both young and old (and in-between)! In intervals of 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10-second intervals of recovery, participants will move through strength exercises in 2 rounds, designed to sculpt the major and minor muscle groups. Medium to heavy weights will be utilized to promote muscle exhaustion. A mat is also suggested.

Mobile Cardio with Ashley: All-standing, this HIIT workout is sure to challenge endurance- with efficiency! In 30-second intervals of work followed by 10-second intervals of recovery, participants will hike the heart rate and blitz the body! Crank it up with cardio!

Bodyweight Barre with Charissa: Wonder how dancers build a long and lean physique? Conditioning is how! Participants will execute a series of lengthening and strengthening exercises designed to achieve a slimmer looking body. In repetitions of 24, expect to work to exhaustion! Barre is a workout inspired by Ballet. Get the Barre-built-body! A mat is suggested.

Step HIIT with Shannon: High Intensity Interval Training involves alternating short periods of intense or explosive anaerobic exercise with short recovery periods to the point of exhaustion., With a Step and light to heavy weights, participants will engage in a workout designed to increase the heart rate and challenge new and seasoned participants alike! All levels are welcome

Strength & Conditioning with Ashley: 1 heavy weight and a mat are all that is needed for this 30-minute, total body workout! In intervals of 45 seconds of work followed by 15-second intervals of recovery, participants will execute exercises geared toward increasing strength and health of the heart, bones, and muscles. This class is a HIIT not a miss before the weekend!

Strong & Stable with Shannon: Achieve stability and strength using hand weights and body weight! To maintain healthy bones and muscle, strength training at least 3 times a week is recommended. Stability training is a type of exercise program designed to strengthen and steady the body with a focus on the trunk, to aid in daily activity. Participants can expect to utilize light to heavy weights and a mat in this class.

Bodyweight Only Combos with Charissa: Using bodyweight to achieve fitness goals means that exercise routines can go anywhere! At the height of travel season, incorporate this workout on the go! Basic functional movements like squats and lunges will be made more intense with balancing and added movements. A mat is suggested.

Total Body Circuit with Ashley: Circuit training is a combination of 6 or more exercises performed with short rest periods between them for a set number of repetitions or for a set duration. For this circuit class, participants will utilize medium to heavy weights for 45-second intervals of work followed by 15-second intervals of rest or recovery. A mat will also be used. Take back your health with total body workouts!

Ab Attack with Charissa: 4 rounds of each exercise will guide this 30-minute abdominal workout! With each round a progression or prop will be added. Using bodyweight and a resistance ball and/or light weights, participants can expect to work to exhaustion! A mat will also be utilized.

Yogi Summer Flow with Shannon: This Hatha class engages participants with cooling salutations and poses (asanas) to ease and decrease stress in the body. Take a moment and unplug with Yoga! Mat suggested.

Tabata Cardio Craze with Ashley: Bodies are being transformed with high intensity interval training (HIIT)! Tabata is a type of H.I.I.T. training that involves 20-second intervals of hard work followed by 10-second intervals of recovery for a set number of rounds. For this 30-minute class, attendees will perform cardiovascular exercises in short intense bursts for a short period of time to encourage greater blood and oxygen flow to the heart for a healthier body. Don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge the weekend!

Strengthen & Lengthen with Shannon: Max strength training is beneficial in increasing muscular strength, increasing metabolism, regulating insulin levels, and reducing body fat. Using hand weights and body weight, this class involves max strength supersets followed by brief recovery intervals. In between intervals, participants will engage in stretches to lengthen each muscle group.  Light to heavy weights will be utilized and a mat.

Power Push with Charissa: Plug into power with strength training! Strength training is suggested by the NIH as it helps to maintain bone health with aging. All age groups benefit from strength training as it is important in the prevention of sports injuries and daily functional activities, it promotes fat burning at rest and it encourages blood flow to the muscles and body. In intervals of 30 seconds of work followed by 10-second recovery periods, participants will engage in 2 rounds of each exercise. The major muscle groups will be explored. A mat is suggested.

Mini-Band 360 with Ashley: Grab light to strong loop bands for this total body workout! In intervals of 45 seconds of work followed by 15-second intervals of rest or recovery, attendees will utilize loop bands to increase the intensity of each exercise. Get the “band-it” burn to energize mid-week! A mat will be used.

Obliques + Strength with Charissa: Every exercise will incorporate the obliques throughout this 30-minute class! Using light to medium weights participants will execute strength exercises infused with an oblique challenge! Guided by repetitions of 16, it’s a total body workout not to miss! A mat is suggested.

Functional Fitness: Focus – Ankle Hinge with Shannon: Using weights, participants can expect to engage in exercises for ankle stability with integration of a total body workout! The ankle hinge is essential to protecting the knee.  Learn how to properly hinge at the ankle while simultaneously strengthening the ankle complex.  Light to heavy weights and a mat are suggested.

Balance Sculpt with Ashley: Medium to heavy dumbbells are all participants will need for this half-hour class! In intervals of 45 seconds of work followed by 15-second intervals of recovery or rest, weighted mobility exercises will be explored. Mobility is the ability to move freely and easily. Mobility conditioning aids in daily functional activities. Achieve a balanced body with mobility