Virtual Classes

FFY Schedule - June 2023

“Fitness for You June 2023 Virtual Fitness Descriptions:

All levels are welcome!


Towel Stretch with Charissa: Beach towel or bath towel…just grab a towel to stretch! The benefits of stretching are often overlooked. Not only does stretching increase muscle and joint range of motion but it’s also beneficial to stretch every day! Using a fitness mat and a towel, participants can expect to move through stretches that will help alleviate stressed muscles and compressed joints! Don’t miss this popular stretch class!

Functional Fitness: Rotary Stability with Shannon: Safely activate the core for rotary stability! Rotary stability is important to daily activity when the extremities move.  Train the brain to properly move through common functional movements like squatting and lunging while maintaining correct spinal alignment. Light to heavy weights will be utilized. Get functionally fit!

Upright Cardio Tabata with Ashley: No equipment is needed to participate in this cardiovascular HIIT class! Intervals of 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10-second recovery intervals are the substance of the class. Exercises like jumping jacks, lunges and squats will increase the heart rate and improve overall endurance. Don’t miss it!

Yoga + Strength with Shannon: Looking for a fusion of strength training and Yoga? Look no further! Build strength, flexibility and increase balance by performing asanas (poses) with dumbbells.  This Hatha-inspired practice focuses on breath and proper alignment to fuel each movement.

Tabata Kick Craze with Charissa: Ready for cardiovascular high-intensity interval training?! Engaging in easy-to-learn authentic kickboxing kicks, participants will perform 4 rounds of the same kick in intervals of 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10 seconds of recovery. After 8 rounds of kicks, attendees will receive 30 seconds of rest. Beat the kickstart of summer with “Kick Craze”!

Banded Hip Attack with Ashley:  Using light to strong loop bands, get geeked for a high-intensity, inner and outer thigh workout! This class consists of 45-second intervals of hard work followed by 15-second intervals of recovery. Strengthening the hips can help alleviate knee and leg pain and improve mobility. A mat will also be utilized.

Easy Stretch with Charissa:  Don’t fret, just stretch! End the week with total body stretching! Participants will need a fitness mat to engage in stretches designed to help lengthen shortened muscles and alleviate stiff joints! Failure to stretch post-workout can increase chances of injury due to decreased muscle range of motion. Joint pain can result in a desire to rest as much as possible but can make joint pain worse. Stretching is beneficial for all! A mat is suggested.

Recovery Stretch with Charissa (In-Person) Rockledge: Recover from spinal compression and shortened hamstrings from long hours sitting or shortened quadriceps from jogging or weightlifting! Stretching is needed daily, regardless of occupation or activity! Using a fitness mat, attendees will be guided thru stretches designed to decompress the spine, lengthen muscles and ease stress in the joints.

Summer HIIT w/ Shannon (Pre-Recorded): Engage in HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to get summer fit! This strength class will utilize light to heavy weights in repetitions of 8 to 10 to achieve muscular endurance. HIIT involves exercises performed to exhaustion for a short amount of time followed by rest or lower intensity movements performed for a short time. HIIT is great for achieving maximal fitness benefits in a minimal amount of time. Commit to HIIT! A mat is suggested.

Total Body Circuit with Ashley: Prepare for cardio, strength and core all wrapped in one! In intervals of 45 seconds of hard work followed by 15-second recovery intervals, attendees will execute various exercises designed to activate the major and minor muscle groups for a total body workout! A fitness mat and moderate to heavy weights will be utilized. It’s HIIT to get fit!

Strong & Stable with Shannon: Engage in strength training to achieve proper postural alignment and spatial awareness! Daily functional movements like bending or squatting, pushing or pulling can lead to injury if not performed correctly. During this class, participants will move through common exercises executed routinely, with a focus on proper form. Attendees will need light to heavy weights for this low-impact fitness experience! Start the week feeling complete!

Core Essentials with Charissa: A strong core equates to a strong body! The limbs and head radiate from the core. Using light to heavy weights, participants will perform core exercises that are essential to every core strengthening workout! Be “core”ageous with Core Essentials! A mat is suggested.

Balance Sculpt with Ashley: Moderate to heavy weights and a mat will be utilized to increase mobility, balance and strength throughout this class! Attendees can expect 45-second intervals of work followed by 15-seconds intervals of recovery to guide the workout. Balance health is important to posture and counteracts a sedentary work-life! Get balanced!

Bodyweight Tabata with Shannon: Leverage body weight to build strength! Tabata involves 20-second bursts of hard work followed by 10-second intervals of recovery.  Participants can expect to utilize body weight to achieve maximal fitness results in a short amount of time. Finish the week strong! A mat is suggested

Total Body Tabata with Ashley: Remain upright for the duration of the class! Utilizing moderate to heavy weights, intervals of 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10-second recovery intervals will guide the workout! Get toned with Tabata!

JUNETEENTH Fitness Session- Joyful Dance & Flowing Stretch with Linda Bessacque – Easy choreography Dance and closing with fluid and flowing stretch! Be sure to join us to celebrate Juneteenth and your well-being.

Abs, Back, Glutes & Thighs with Charissa:  Sculpt and strengthen the abdominal, spinal, gluteal and thigh muscles for the health of the entire body! These muscle groups are important to ease of movement and functionality in daily activity. Using a set of moderate weights and a mat, explore different exercises that are designed to challenge novice and experienced fitness enthusiasts alike!

Yoga with Shannon (In-Person) Building 53: Synch the breath and asanas (poses) for a fully intentional Hatha class experience! The 30-minute practice will consist of Yoga asanas (poses) that are designed to increase flexibility, joint range of motion, and body awareness. Participants are encouraged to find proper alignment and consciousness in each pose. A Yoga mat is suggested.

Low-impact Cardio with Ashley: Increase cardio endurance without jumping or significant pressure on the joints! In intervals of 30 seconds of work followed by 10-second intervals of recovery, participants will execute various exercises to increase the heart rate and aerobic capacity. A mat will be utilized.

Breathe and Stretch with Charissa: Properly breathing while stretching is important to avoid injury. During this 30-minute class, participants will learn how to properly breathe while stretching and the do’s and don’ts that everyone should know when engaging in stretching. This is a class not to miss! A mat will be utilized.

Foam Roll & Stretch with Charissa (In-Person) Rockledge: Relieve tired muscles and restricted joints with stretching and myofascial release! Using foam rollers, participants will engage in guided stretches and learn proper foam rolling techniques. Don’t miss this popular class! Comfortable fitness clothing that is not too loose is recommended. A mat will be utilized.

Yoga for Athletes with Shannon: Yoga for Athletes is a non-traditional Yoga class created to respond to the muscular stress and tightness that athletes experience as a result of physical demands that competitive sports put on the body. With a focus on increasing flexibility and improving joint and muscle range of motion, this Hatha- based class helps to lengthen common shortened muscles like the hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles, while also focusing on opening problem areas like the shoulders and hips. Whether an athlete or a desk professional, all can benefit! A mat and Yoga blocks will be utilized.

Just Tabata with Ashley: Just utilizing a mat and one’s own bodyweight, participants will engage in exercises that are designed to illicit exhaustion or near exhaustion! Intervals of 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10-second intervals of recovery will guide this workout. Tabata involves performing high-intensity exercises in short, quick 20 second bursts, and resting or recovering in 10-second increments for 8 rounds. Go into the weekend Tabata strong!

Core Focus with Shannon: Light to heavy weights and a mat are all that’s needed to achieve the benefits of core strengthening from this class! Participants can expect to move through various exercises designed to increase trunk strength and stability and prevent injury. Timed intervals will promote aerobic and anaerobic endurance. All movement originates with the core – let’s strengthen it!  A mat and weights are suggested.

Boxing + Barre Break with Charissa:  It’s the ultimate combination of strengthening, lengthening and cardio in one! Using bodyweight and a mat, participants will execute authentic boxing and barre techniques fused, for a low-impact, high-intensity workout experience! Rounds of 8 repetitions will be explored. Get into boxing and barre beast mode.

Yoga for Fitness Enthusiasts with Shannon (In-Person) Building 53: Stretch the major muscle groups necessary to daily activity. Participants can expect to execute various Yoga asanas (poses) that will aid in stability, increase flexibility, improve joint range of motion, and illicit body awareness. Overused, shortened muscles and achy joints be gone! A Yoga mat is suggested.

Compound Strength with Ashley: Performed all standing, participants can expect to execute various exercises using moderate to heavy weights, while activating at least 2 muscle groups simultaneously. The class will consist of 45-second intervals of hard work followed by 10-second intervals of recovery. Achieve double the benefits in a shorter period of time!

Balance + Stretch with Shannon: Balance is important to overall health. Those who have a difficult time balancing have shown to have more health problems than those who do not struggle with maintaining balance. This class focuses on balance and lengthening the major muscle groups to avoid injury.  Participants will receive guidance in building balance while stretching the major muscle groups to keep the body functional and without pain. 

Chair Tabata with Ashley: Light weights and a stationary chair are all that’s needed for participants of Chair Tabata! In intervals of 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10-second intervals of recovery, attendees can expect to challenge major and minor muscle groups alike! Don’t let sitting at a desk deter you from fitness and health.