Weight Watchers is a program to help people lose weight by adopting a healthier lifestyle through better eating choices, activity, exercise, and behavior change. Practical guidance is provided from an experienced leader who has lost weight with Weight Watchers. Meetings are 45 minutes long with a 15 minute PRIVATE weigh-in at the beginning. There is a new topic each week that address lifestyle change. In the first meeting, the weight watchers leader presents the food plan. They do not require you to buy any food from them, but instead teach you how to make better choices at the grocery store, in cooking and when eating out. Each week you will receive printed materials to support you as well.

Tip Sheet – Cafeteria

Tip Sheet – Vending Machines

Weight Watchers at Work Meetings:

You may join a Weight Watcher session at any time. The cost of the session will be prorated. Try out a meeting for FREE! Stop by any meeting to see if the Weight Watcher at Work sessions will work for you. For additional info and other sessions, contact Sherrell Freeman at freemash@mail.nih.gov.

Meeting Locations:

Contact Sherrell Freeman at Sherrell.freeman@nih.gov for pricing and more details.