Swift5 - High End Technology Solutions

Our high-end technology solutions company, Swift5, helps clients significantly improve workflows and processes and create new avenues of business by building an affordable and high efficiency technology infrastructure.  We specialize in boutique solutions involving hardware, firmware, closed and open systems in combination with Cloud, mobile, and web technologies.

Swift5 – Cloud
We’re experts in architecting, designing, and implementing front end and back end Services and Applications hosted in Azure, AWS, or private cloud catering to the domains of telemetry, mobile applications, Enterprise applications, RFID, and Biometric Security Systems, Enterprise alert and messaging systems.

Swift5 – Mobile
Experts in design and development of user friendly, intuitive business applications for tablets, smart phones, and hand-held devices running iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile, we have extensive experience in developing SMB as well as Enterprise applications.  We know how to create applications that make data available everywhere — without requiring desktop or laptop computers — making it easy for field staff and executives on the move to keep connected with their business and operations.

Swift5 – Applications
We have a diverse portfolio of application development, and our experts have decades of experience in software engineering as well as application design and development on Windows, Linux, and embedded systems.  Our expertise in hardware, networking, systems programming brings a unique perspective to applications and product development.  We have a very fast ‘time to market’ track record with the utmost focus on quality and performance backed by experience, which is a tremendous value for our clients.

Swift5 – Web Solutions
Our proven track record of designing and delivering solutions for startups as well as small and medium businesses with various web solutions covering the areas of E-Commerce, Content Management, Web Services, data collection and analytics, web application is unparalleled.  Our expertise spans across the platforms of:

• Windows
• Open Source
• Java
• Ruby deployed on intranet
• Data centers
• Cloud

Swift5 – Embedded Systems
We offer embedded solutions using GPRS, GSM/SMS, Security Systems using RFID, Biometrics, POS Systems with advanced applications such as computer vision, image processing, recognition, and integration with advanced application servers such as RFID and Biometric servers for:

• Networking
• Traffic Generators
• Remote Network Test Agents
• Mobile Communications

Enterprise and boutique application development being our key offerings, we partner with industry veterans and leaders in the areas of industrial security, marine engineering, and computer graphics to research, develop, and productize solutions that cater to SMB and Enterprise in a variety of geographic locations.