NIH Philharmonia Orchestra Concert: Knight in Shining Armor

The NIH Philharmonia, under the direction of Dr. Nancia D'Alimonte, presents “Knights in Shining Armor” Saturday, October 19th at 7:30pm. The orchestra program includes the King Stephen Overture by Beethoven and Cruckner’s Symphony no.4. The concert will take place at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Rockville, MD. Concert is FREE.  For more info visit [...]

NIH Philharmonia Presents “Shall We Dance”

The orchestra will be performing “Shall We Dance” on Saturday, Dec. 1st at 7:30pm at St. Elizabeth Church in Rockville (917 Montrose Rd. between Rockville Pike and I-270).  The concert includes Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake Suite and Stravinsky – Petrouchka (1947 version).  Most members of the orchestra work at NIH, NASA, FDA and other government agencies.  [...]

NIH Philharmonia Concert

The NIH Philharmonia, under the direction of Nancia D’Alimonte, presents “Heavenly Passion” on June 3rd at 7:30pm at St. Elizabeth Church in Rockville, MD.  The concert is free and will feature David Whiteside performing Mozart’s Flute Concert in G Major and soprano Lauren Cook in Symphony 4 by Mahler.  For more info, visit or call 240-888-6781

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